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TaxSmartPersonal Income Tax

Expert Guidance on submitting your personal income tax returns, and identifying tax savings opportunities with our experienced staff. Optimizing your return! Now submit your taxes online HERE

TaxSmart Incorporation Solutions

Taxsmart will help you with the timely filing of your company's business taxes with accuracy. We also provide many other solutions and experience to maximize your company's tax benefits.

TaxSmart Small Business Income

Providing your business with solid tax advice and reliable, accurate filing. The Taxsmart team will provide you with knowledge to maximize your returns and losses, with solid planning that works for your business.

TaxSmart Tax Problems /

Having issues with past returns or feel that you are paying out more than you are making? Have income tax debt? We can help. Contact our offices and we will review your case and determine a solid strategy to get you back to worry free living!

Mission Statement

At Taxsmart , we take great pride in providing the absolute best service that you will find. Whether you are a new customer looking for more up-to-date information, or someone looking for assistance with your current taxes, we will help.

Personal Solutions

Helping you get the most out of your taxes

At TaxSmart our team treats each customer as an individual. This will help us better understand your financial affairs and provide the best course of action to achieve your goals. Personal tax advice is crucial in helping make the right decisions that could affect your returns and relieve some of the tax burdens. Tax rules change constantly and we will make every effort possible so you receive all the tax credits available.

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Business Solutions

Is it time for a second opinion?

A TaxSmart professional can help. Our experienced professionals can review on your behalf, your accountant's work and give you the comfort that you need. A TaxSmart professional can help you get started the right way. We will review key points to consider when starting a business.


Client Feedback

  • So this is my third year using tax smart. Today I picked up my paperwork and I will be blessed with a refund! It took a little longer because I had changed things from last year and included two more sources of income. Customer service was friendly and everything was explained to me when I picked up my package. You can go in person drop off your tax form to be done at a later day or by appointment. Choose tax smart today!

    Janet Lunn

  • I have been with Taxsmart for 3 years and have had a great experience. The staff is super friendly and they explain you the process and application in detail. Love it guys and keep it up! I will not only continue my services with Taxsmart, but also refer my friends as well.

    Joel Raj Aglawe

  • I filled tax with them 2 times and it was very easy and convenient as I got answers to my every question asked. They provide best service in affordable price. They work on time no delays. Thanks for the best service


  • Have been filing taxes with Waldge since 2020. Nice guy. Decent smiling considerate and always welcoming. Has best interest at heart for his Clients. Saved my money, got my claims. Helpful in advising. Educates people. Staff person Madina nice person. Does know the rules of game. Explained nuances for foreign transactions. MUCH RECOMMENDED BRANCH IS HURON !

    Inayatullah Shaikh

  • I have been using TaxSmart for the past two years now. They are so efficient in their job. Last year I wanted to compare them with another company so I ask the company to do a pre assessment of my taxes and tell me how much I will get as a return. That company did the assessment and told me I have no return and I will be paying money back to CRA. I was not confidence with that information so I went back to TaxSmart and ask them to do my taxes. Guess what happened, I instead had a return instead of paying back to the government. I am not in Ontario but the do my taxes.

    Asong Ner

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